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The Winner School is proud to offer a program that not only provides students with the highest quality of instruction but promotes many life skills that will enhance their development both physically and mentally. In addition to building strength, flexibility, and learning martial arts techniques students are continually reinforced with the ideas of self-discipline, respect, modesty, dependability, sportsmanship, and teamwork!

  • Award-winning program and staff!!
  • Schedules are available for all ages!!
  • Fun, fast-paced classroom environment!!
  • Unique Little Dragons program for pre-school and
  • Kindergarten age children!! Fun!!

Little Dragons


Designed specifically for children ages 3-5, our Little Dragons classes are an excellent supplement to your child’s pre-school education! These young students experience a fun, fast-paced learning environment focusing on developing physical skills through the use of martial arts.
Discipline, following directions, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and teamwork are just a few of the life skills that will be reinforced in every class. Students who have participated in Little Dragons are well prepared to start the more intensive evening classes at ages five or six.
Our schedule is designed to work well with your preschool or kindergarten schedules.
The Winner School Kids

White Belts

Our beginning, White Belt program is a fun fast-paced experience that focuses on much more than basic skills and physical fitness. Lessons will reinforce the concepts of respect, self-control, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students are expected to demonstrate great behavior both in and outside the classroom! Each rank has a complete training manual and set of practice sheets specifically designed for The Winner School Karate program. Students progress at their own pace while having many opportunities in class for success and reward.

NEW Students may try one class for FREE!

Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday 5:15 – 6:00 PM OR Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-3:45 PM

Other Belts

Students are placed in Belt Classes based on skill and age. Each belt class has a complete training manual and a set of practice sheets specifically designed for The Winner School Karate program.

Students progress at their own pace while having many opportunities in class for success and reward. Students must consult with the Director for placement.

Blue Belt

Extra Classes

SPARRING – Essential to all martial arts training is the ability to defend oneself. Sparring class trains students to use their self-defense skills while exercising control and courtesy to their competitors.

*Note that sparring gear and bag are available in the Winner School Store and are required.

CONDITIONING – This fun and fast-paced class develop strength, flexibility, and agility.

WEAPONS – Students will master the art of Weapons Kata. Proper use of the weapon and choreographed forms are taught. The specific weapon and form being taught varies periodically and may include: Bo Staff; Broad Sword; Katana; Nunchuka; etc.

*TOURNAMENT TEAM – These classes are exclusively for our Tournament Team members and provide instruction and practice for the students in the various competitive divisions. Students attend one TT class per week PLUS periodic extra TT classes scheduled on weekends when needed for tournament preparation.

Tournament Team

We welcome all active karate students to participate in our award-winning Tournament Team. Our school attends 5-7 tournaments annually. Students can compete based on their age and ability level in the disciplines of kata, weapons forms, self-defense routines, point sparring, flag sparring, sword fighting, and team musical forms.

STEP #1 TO COMPETING: Be active in your regular classes and become proficient at the basic techniques within your belt rank.

STEP #2 TO COMPETING: Talk to Mr. Johnson! Let him know of your interest in becoming involved in the Tournament Team. He will discuss with you the individual needs and goals for your student as well as the future tournament schedule. You may not be able to complete all divisions right away.

STEP #3 TO COMPETING: Register at the front desk for Tournament Team (see the flyer for tuition information and class schedules). Order through the store your tournament team uniform, bag, and any equipment if needed.

STEP #4 TO COMPETING: Be sure to have AND READ your monthly calendar for tournament team training and events. These will vary monthly, so please be sure that you are aware of any information provided by the calendar, note, and the karate bulletin board!

STEP #5 TO COMPETING: HAVE FUN! Our team is one of the best around and being a part of this group should prove to be fun and exciting! It is hard work … but the benefits are endless!


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We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and being winners essentially. We have programs in our classes that provide a platform that gives our kids the ability to earn rewards for life skills and tangibly learn these important lessons that will set them up to thrive and succeed in life.