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The Winner School is a family-owned and operated school and multi-purpose center for children that focuses on teaching the whole child.

The Winner School opened in 1990 and believes that the best way to learn is through a hands-on approach where the children incorporate all senses into the activity, the theme, the concept, the idea, the item that they’re learning so they can develop the deepest appreciation and understanding of what it is that they’re learning.

At The Winner School, we stand by our slogan: “Building winners today for a bright tomorrow.” By winners, we mean high character students and individuals. When you are a winner, winning comes more naturally. We look at what we do as a partnership with parents to develop their children and we see it as an extension of our family.

We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and being winners essentially. We have programs in our classes that provide a platform that gives our kids the ability to earn rewards for life skills and tangibly learn these important lessons that will set them up to thrive and succeed in life.

Trusted since 1990

We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and having high character…being winners essentially.

14,000 square foot Facility

Our beautiful and unique 14,000 square foot facility is one of a kind. The Winner School offers the finest programs in Preschool, After School care, Dance, Karate, Summer Camps, Music, and more!

Every Child is a Winner

The Winner School is a wonderful activity center for children ages two through 18. At The Winner School, we believe that every child is a winner! Each of our programs is designed to provide high-quality instruction and care, build self-esteem and teach important life skills while providing a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere.

Giving Back for a Bright Tomorrow

We host an annual charity dance concert called Art with Heart, where we raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Over the years, we’ve raised over $600,000 for Shriners Hospitals. We also have yearly fundraisers for the Road Home, Utah Food Bank, individuals, families, and local charities in need. We love to give back to our community and teach our students how important it is!
The Winner School

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