Preschool Programs in Utah

Our preschool programs are based on building self-esteem in your child. Each activity is selected and developed with sensitivity to the age of your child as well as with the idea of making your child feel good about himself/herself. We are process oriented. We believe your child will learn more in a “hands-on” activity based program.

The following skills will be introduced:

  • Listening & Sequencing.
  • Size.
  • Reading Readiness.
  • Numbers.
  • Social & Emotional Development.
  • Motor Skills.
  • Color & Shapes.

Music! The Preschool Music Specialist spends time with each preschool class weekly! The songs and activities taught are chosen to compliment and reinforce weekly preschool themes. Very basic music concepts and vocabulary are also introduced. The most important goal of music time is to have fun!

Preschool classes will get to perform at the Christmas and Graduation/Spring Programs.

Come and Play Twos

The 2 Year Old Program is for toddlers who would benefit from time spent with children their own age.  It is designed with appropriate materials, time frames, and study themes to keep your child interested at a two year old level.  We know 2 year olds are active, noisy, shy, egocentric, tender, dreamers, beginners, curious and developing at different rates.

We feel confident they will benefit from this environment which is rich in activities to stimulate them socially physically, emotionally and intellectually!

Classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays OR Wednesdays and Fridays

Early Threes

This program is for children with late birthdays who need 3 years of preschool before entering Kindergarten.  It is designed around a monthly theme with activities congruent to 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 year olds.  The main focus is making the transition from a home environment to a school environment very positive and fun.  Social, emotional, and motor skills are developed with various activities. The teachers are nurturing and loving.  They will make sure the children have many small successes so that the role of preschool, as their first link, in the long chain of instruction, is an exciting and happy experience.

Classes held on Tuesday and Thursdays OR Mondays and Wednesdays


The three year old program is a healthy blend of social skills and academic skills. Our main focus, at this age, is on developing social and emotional skills such as getting along with others, getting used to routines and group activities, sharing and developing positive feelings about self and others.

We also begin a more structured academic process. We make sure your child’s first teachers will be loving and caring people who help make a challenge of leaving home for the first time fun and rewarding. Prerequisite: Must be potty trained.

Classes held on Tuesday and Thursday OR Monday and Friday


The Four Year Old Preschool program is a healthy mixture of social and emotional skills, academic and physical skills and also life skills, which they will use throughout their lives. We are dedicated to building self esteem in your child and preparing him/her for public school. These readiness skills and concepts are taught in a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere which builds your child’s confidence and makes learning an exciting and rewarding experience. We provide a “hands on” environment where your child is an active member of the learning process! This is a readiness program for Kindergarten.

Classes held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A.M. OR P.M. sessions available upon request.


Four-Five Kinder Readiness

The Advanced four year old program is offered to students who have missed the deadline for Kindergarten and have one more year of preschool, for students who choose to attend one more year of preschool and/or for children who are ready for a more progressive curriculum in most areas of development. It is taught with stimulating, hands-on activities so students enjoy learning. It is a progressive curriculum with emphasis on the whole child. Academic, physical, social, emotional and life skills are incorporated throughout the day in a fun, innovative setting.

*This program must be recommended by a previous teacher, the Director and/or testing process.

This class is taught on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:30-3:30.

Winner Reading Program

The Reading Program, unique to The Winner School, was developed to help students excel in reading and comprehension in a fun, hands-on, innovative program! Classes only have 2-4 students and are thirty minutes long.

This allows each child to receive the specialized attention they require to become an excellent reader!

** Please see the front desk for class times and availability!


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We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and being winners essentially. We have programs in our classes that provide a platform that gives our kids the ability to earn rewards for life skills and tangibly learn these important lessons that will set them up to thrive and succeed in life.