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To make a child a better person, the first and important thing is to educate them with exciting things that have happened and happens tomorrow. The second home you choose for them should be the best one for their better tomorrow and cherishing yesterday.
At winner school, we make sure your kid would leave every day with wiser, stronger and happier self than yesterday.
Winner school never fails to win the hearts of kids enrolled here. We have proved as one of the early childhood development schools in Utah. Our system is designed to make education fun!!!

We all want our kids to be safe wherever they go. We try to protect them more than ourselves but let’s face it, we cannot be around them all the time and the restricting method would never be pleasant. So teach your kids how to face it all by themselves and make them stronger. So now the question would be choosing the best martial arts class or the best karate class so that they could learn some amazing self-defense techniques to be safe, wherever they go. Winner school provides one of the finest martial arts classes in Utah. At winner school, we have well-trained instructors to train your kids with awesome techniques in karate. Starting with little dragons for kids from 3-5 years we have the best karate belt classes according to their age group. We also have extra classes which include sparring, conditioning, weapons, tournament team.

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Is your kid a big fan of Lebron James, Michael Jordan or any of the basketball players? Do you see potential in them that could one day make them play for their nation? Or you just see your kid enjoying the game for no reason? Well, Killer bees basketball club is here to fulfill all that you are looking for your child to get started with the game. Killer bees are one of the youth basketball clubs in Utah which invites all kids to join basketball game, we are here to make them fall in love with this amazing game by building personal relationships with them, coaching them and providing them the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

We all crave for vacations and what if we could have it while we learn something with it? Summer camps could do that in a simple go. During the summer camp, your kids get explored to things they have not experienced before. We try to make a cocktail of science constructive design and arts and make it a more exciting and productive journey. We have amazing ideas that make this camp a memorable one. So if you’re looking for the best summer schools in Utah, Winner school is a reliable one.

Dance is another way to build your courier in something that would make your job like a play; we see so much scope in this beautiful entertainment called dancing. In our winning school, we have our own dance world where your kids could just start from scratch on ballet, jazz and tap and dance like a pro. If you’re looking for the best ballet dance classes in Utah, Winner school dance class is a must try option. We are here to make hem comfortable with the basics and lead them towards skilled moves. We have different programs for the age group. Trust us and we will enhance your kids potential to a different level.

Contact us today, and let us help be a part of incorporating playtime into their education. Trusted by parents and families since 1990, We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and having high character…being winners essentially.