Extra Classes

There are several extra classes your child can choose to take to enhance their karate skills.


 Sparring –



Essential to all martial arts training is the ability to defend oneself. Sparring class trains students to use their self defense skills while exercising control and courtesy to their competitors.

*Note that sparring gear and bag are available in the Winner School Store and are required.


Conditioning –

This fun and fast paced class develops strength, flexibility, and agility.


Weapons –

Students will master the art of Weapons Kata. Proper use of the weapon and choreographed forms are taught. The specific weapon and form being taught varies periodically and may include: Bo Staff; Broad Sword; Katana; Nunchuka; etc.


*Tournament Team –

These classes are exclusively for our Tournament Team members and provide instruction and practice for the students in the various competitive divisions. Students attend one TT class per week PLUS periodic extra TT classes scheduled on weekends when needed for tournament preparation.