She started right here at the Winner School and has also trained at a few other studios such as Dance Concepts and Pulse 31.  All her life she has trained in all aspects of dance from ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop/funk. She has trained with some of the most well known names in the dance world that include Laura King (former owner of Pulse 31 and Hollywood Connection choreographer), Tre Barber (hip-hop legend and choreographer), Mia Michaels( from So You Think You Can Dance and NYCDA), Liz Imperio (and LA choreographer with established dance company “Instincts”), Jerry Evans (LA choreographer for many movies and music artists), Mark Miesmer (LA dancer and choreographer), Dave Carter (LA Dance Magic), Brooke Lipton (assistant choreographer for the hit show Glee), Sydney Dawn H. Kieth (LA choreographer for commercials and music videos and for Universal Studios)…and many more.  Throughout her training years she has placed top in the nation in several dance competitions and earned a scholarship to dance on a cruise line.

Kira has had several opportunities to be able to share her love for dancing in teaching other dancers and performing.  She was apart of the annual production of “Thriller” by Odessey Dance Theater.  She has been a featured dancer for several artists at The Rail Events center.  Also she has been involved in some commercial projects for Harley Davidson, a new pilot for a TV show called Beyond Dance, and a promotional commercial for a dance show that is unnamed.  She was also a part of the hit Disney show High School Musical, as an extra.  She combined being a dancer and a teacher, with being an assistant choreographer, to SDHK2 crew with Sydney Dawn H. Kieth that performed and did commercial work.  As much as she loves dancing, teaching dance is a big part of her life also.  She has taught and choreographed at several local studios such as Pulse 31, Gravity, South Mountain Dance, Xcite, and Illuzion Dance Studios.  She loves to give her insight, knowledge, and passion to future dancers that want to share their talent with the world also and want to work hard to get there!

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