Kellie Barber - Team member trains at Becky’s school of dance in tap, jazz, and ballet. Studied under the direction of Michelle Armstrong for 20 years.

I trained at Becky’s school of dance in tap, jazz, and ballet.  I moved my training to The Christensen Centre in Murray, in 1989.  At that time, the Centre was under the direction of Willam F. Christensen. His passion for dance was infectious and I was hooked on ballet.  In 1991 my training changed focus, again, as The Christensen Centre transformed into The Ballet Centre with Ala Chernova taking over as Director of the school and transitioning the school to the Russian Vaganova  method of ballet.  My early training, at that time, was also enriched by being a student of Anatoliyus Grazulis, lovingly referred to as “Tony,” by his students.  He was a master in choreography, ballet technique, character and folk dance.  I was honored to be his student for close to five years. I danced in many of his original pieces and in traditional Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish folk dances.  I studied under the direction of Michelle Armstrong for close to 20 years, as I could not be kept away from the classroom or stage, even after starting my family.  I learned a great deal of classical repertoire under her direction, as well as learning from her skills in choreography as she set original pieces. I studied Pas de Deux work for over 10 years.

I continue to take master ballet classes whenever possible.  I have taken many master classes in Vaganova syllabus from Misha Tchoupakov and Regina Zarhina.  I love that dance is an ever evolving art form that encourages constant growth.

I started teaching ballet technique at The Ballet Centre in 2003. I taught pre-ballet classes, beginning ballet technique, beginning pointe, and intermediate through advanced techniques until the Summer of 2012.

I started at The Winner School in September of 2012. I am the Intro through Razzle Dazzle 7-10 Coordinator and I also teach Ballet & Pointe technique for all groups.

Dance, movement, music, rhythm, technique are all things I am very passionate about. I feel strongly that dance can bring out the very best in a person.  I know it has for me.

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