Hi! My name is Ann Durrant.  I grew up in the Holladay area.  I have a tall daughter with blue eyes named Linnaea.  I also have a large white cat with one blue and one green eye named Whitey.  I enjoy cooking, gardening, genealogy, and enjoying nature.  I LOVE to learn, especially about history and science.

In college, I studied cultural anthropology and creative writing.  I worked at the Alta Club as a chef for 10 years making fancy things.  When my daughter started school, I worked as a paraprofessional aide for 2nd-4th grades.  This is when I discovered how much I enjoy working with children.  At my last job, I wrote the menu and prepared fun, healthy snacks for the kids.  I also worked with a Pre-K class as well as K-6th grades.

Being a kind, helpful and patient friend are important in being successful in life.  I believe that there is something to be learned in every moment.  I am excited to be at the wonderful Winner School!

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