Hello! My name is Natalie Sefilian. I am currently a student at the University of Utah and will be graduating this December 2017 with my Bachelor of Science in Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. When I am not working or studying I am with my family (who mean the world to me) or with my closest friends either binge watching our favorite tv shows or going on long drives/walks. I love to go boating and four wheeling with my family in the summers and I also love cooking Armenian foods with my mom and grandma.

I have worked with children since I was sixteen years old. Throughout my high school years, I volunteered at my school’s daycare and had an incredible time working and playing with the children; I even took a child development class in my sophomore year and had the opportunity to take home one of those fake babies (which I honestly enjoyed so much and even asked if I could keep it for another week). When I was a senior, I applied to a daycare where I spent more than two years working as a teacher with children from the ages of 2 months to 8 years old. At the beginning of this year I interned in a Montessori classroom for 8 months where I learned the Montessori Approach (which is learning through self-directed activities and hands-on collaborative play).

It’s safe to say I absolutely love working with children. The imagination and welcoming/comforting personality shown by children is purely amazing to me, and I am beyond grateful and excited to have the opportunity to be a part of The Winner School.

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