childhood developmentWhy Childhood Playtime is Vitally Important

Childhood Playtime, fun time, free time, or whatever you choose to name it in your family is crucial to the development of your child’s behaviors and personality.  Playtime encourages creativity and imagination in each child. It also aids in the increased development of the brain that processes their environment by helping them work out solutions to problems, reenact things they’ve observed and learned, make sense of their small but ever-growing world, and most importantly the ability to play out their thoughts and emotions.

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The following is a list of compiled highlights on the vital importance of playtime:

  • Offers the space to work out different solutions to problems.
  • They can act out events that have happened to help make sense and understand.
  • Creates a safe space to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Develops their social skills and cultural understandings.
  • Helps children understand planning and following through.
  • Increases and improves communication among peers, family, and friends.
  • Allows experimentation with leadership and follower roles.
  • A controlled environment where each child can experience with causes and effects without severe consequences.

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Encourage playtime with your children; enjoy their creativity and innocence. Help them shape their reality and truly become a winner. At the best preschool in Utah, The Winner School, we advocate teaching the whole child, not just the mind. Playtime is an essential part of that.

Contact us today, and let us help be a part of incorporating playtime into their education. Trusted by parents and families since 1990, We make it a priority to teach our kids compassion, empathy, kindness, treating people and beings with respect, and having high character…being winners essentially.